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Unlike her older sister Tania, Mariah was born into the pit bull world. She got her first pit bull, L.A., when she was just old enough to hold a leash. Mariah has been very spirited from the moment she was born, and her childhood was a series of contradictions — always happy to roll around and get dirty with the dogs, she was also quick to clean up and compete successfully in beauty pageants.

A natural with people and speaking in public, at only eight years old, Mariah spoke in front of the LA City Commission, the mayor and hundreds of people at a meeting about spay/neuter laws. To this day, Mariah speaks frequently at high schools and other community events about the rights of the breed, the evils of dog fighting and the undeserved pit bull stereotype.

Mariah continues to have wide and varied interests. While she still keeps one foot in Villalobos helping her mom and sister, Mariah hopes to try her hand at fashion design and possibly seek a degree in criminal psychology. Her current dogs are Tater Tot, formerly known as Tank, a rescue dog from the first season of the show; Sloth, a special needs pit that's deaf and epileptic; a French bulldog named Momo; and lastly, a misfit mutt that's part black sharpei, part Labrador, named Theo.

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