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As Tia's oldest and the one she considers her "doppelganger," Tania's life got off to a rough start by the time she had reached 4 years of age. In two separate and tragic incidents, her father was shot and paralyzed (years later this incident would be the cause of his death) and her godmother was brutally murdered while on vacation. They say death comes in threes and years later, Tania's younger half-brother would be killed in a gang-related drive-by shooting. These tragedies - along with trying to keep it together while she and her mom struggled both financially and emotionally - would cause Tania to grow a thick skin and a guarded personality. But despite the hurdles that she had to take on at such an early age, Tania still managed to maintain her dry and wicked sense of humor.

Years later the family would finally become "comfortable", and Tania would grow to share mother's passion for animals. Tania was cared for alongside the wolf hybrids Tia rescued; she lived the life that only Mowgli himself would understand. Tania's childhood would not only teach her responsibility and an overwhelming compassion for every member of the animal kingdom, it would also take her all over the world.

As she got into her late teens, Tania began to travel the world as an assistant animal trainer for the film industry. Following in Tia's footsteps, she would find herself in such places as the Mongolian desert with a pack of wolves, to the jungles of Costa Rica with the entire animal cast of "The Jungle Book. Who else can say she spent "summer school with an elephant as a babysitter?

As the Villalobos Rescue Center grew, Tania and her siblings found themselves as permanent fixtures of the largest pit bull rescue in the country. Working side by side with their mom, enduring natural disaster after natural disaster, struggling to keep food on the table for both the humans and dogs, Tania has remained the constant in Tia's life.

Tania's true love was always her stoic and steel gray pit bull, Bluie. Never spending a day or night without him, the overly protective dog watched over Tania like a wingless gargoyle. There is no disputing that dogs are her life and her sassy Latin attitude keeps her tough as she goes through the daily grind of the sometimes heartless world of rescuing dogs.

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