The Twins

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Tia's "adopted" twin Hawaiian sons, Kanani (pronounced Kaw-Naw-Nee) and Keli'i (pronounced Kay-Lee-Ee), who is also known as Moe, not only provide the comic relief around the ranch, but their natural ability to work with the most difficult dogs proves them invaluable.

The twins had a rough time growing up. During a chance meeting at school, Tia's younger daughter Mariah befriended them. When life at home became difficult, they began to spend more time at the ranch working on weekends and helping out with various projects. They soon became the newest members of the Villalobos Rescue Center family.

The boys share a big pit bull named Monster who travels with them everywhere. Besides being major animal lovers, they are multi-talented in their artwork and love to draw and paint. They also play several instruments and formed their own mini band. But their passion is their motorcycles. Kanani loves his street bike and performs in an extreme sport called "stunting". Yes, that guy you see standing up on his seat and doing a wheelie might just be Kanani. Keli'i likes to play "dirty" by flying up in the air and doing flips on his dirt bike. Of course this doesn't always sit well with the neighbors, but the twins love to live life "dangerously fun".

And during the off season, snowboarding is their other passion. They are experts on the slopes. There isn't a sport they can't tackle or a project they can't figure out. Together Tia's Hawaiian "Twievels" are double trouble, but curling up next to their Monster to play video games is the way they like to end each day.

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