The Scaled Crew

Animal Planet
Greg West and his wife and creative designer, Elaine own Cornel’s World and bring their talent and love of reptiles to audiences worldwide. Each week viewers follow the crew of master builders, habitat designers, self-proclaimed reptile nerds and their 3-legged bearded dragon and shop mascot, Kevin, as they dive into the needs and behaviors of reptiles to design one-of-a-kind terrariums that promote their well-being and bring their multifaceted personalities to life through stunning visual and behavioral elements. Their crew consists of Lucas, the habitat designer who creates the most enjoyable environment for the reptiles, Chris, the project manager who makes sure all the builds are made to spec and on time, Tyrone, the reptile expert who utilizes his knowledge of reptiles to guide the team on their build, Rachel, the lead builder who creates the most safe, creative, and long-lasting for their clients, and Chance, the shop technician who uses his wild imagination to come up with the most awesome props and effects for the builds.