Heather King

Animal Planet

It would be great if all Heather King had to handle at ATM was the books. But working alongside her father, brother and husband in one office every day is a little more than an average day job; it's clearly a labor of love. Heather is the absolute love of Wayde's life and handles all the accounting at ATM. Seeing Wayde in his glory doing what he is most passionate about makes the struggles of mixing business with pleasure well worth it. Heather knew a lot about accounting when she started, having run her father's machinery business for a few years, but she was in the deep end when it came to fish.

Luckily she has watched ATM grow and expand since the doors opened more than 14 years ago and has picked up much of Wayde's expertise. Heather loves to dance and spends much of her free time with their two daughters, Taylor and Morgan, who are both competitive and award-winning gymnasts. She hopes ATM will one day become a legacy for their two daughters to continue to enjoy and expand.

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