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Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom brings viewers entrancing stories of some of the most exotic and beautiful creatures on our planet every Sunday at 7 PM e/p.

In Tigerhounds, which kicks off season seven of this legendary series, increasingly rare Bengal tigers have developed a taste for humans — and villagers are fighting back. In a last-ditch effort to drive these rogue cats back into the wild, scientists have assembled some unlikely candidates: street dogs. With the help of an expert dog trainer, scientists hope to transform these lowly mutts into local heroes. Will the tigerhounds save the lives of both humans and tigers, or will this unconventional approach prove you can't teach old dogs new tricks?

In Crocodile Blues, a renowned herpetologist struggles to save the world's oldest crocodilian — the gharial — from an unknown threat. Can Romulus Whitaker solve the mystery before it decimates this endagered species? Red-Faced Uakari Monkey spotlights a very peculiar primate. These tiny acrobats with the shocking red faces have been nearly impossible to study... until now. And on Wild Dog Island, six orphaned dogs receive a second chance, but will these former captives have what it takes to become masters of a land governed by survival of the fittest?

Throughout the season's 6 premiere episodes, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom continues to transport audiences to the far corners of the world, using the latest technology to explore wild animals in their natural habitats. From hot African savannas to the rain forests of South America, viewers experience uncharted territory and the unpredictability of the animal kingdom — all while staying true to the tradition of this legendary series.

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